It is funny how people relate the ones they love to eternal objects like the shining sun or a rising star, and often associate clouds to darkness,gloom,despair and fear.

I cannot be deceived by that which is unreal,and hence, you are like those very clouds that people dread of. I metaphorise you to those clouds that belong to my personal sphere, always letting me see whatever I need to see of myself. The scorch of the sun, likened to my inner conscience,reminds me every time of your absence,while I keep looking up with the hopes of seeing you again.An umbrella or closed doors with fans(the other people I know),fail to distract me from the thought of catching a glimpse of you.

Sometimes your presence tingles me with a subtle warmth,and sometimes this comforting cold that only leads me to wanting more and more of you, until you burst down the rains over me,calming the raging tresses of my mind; while I relish each and every drop of water hitting my skin.reminiscing the exact same feel your touch gives.

And then, the notes of your tunes play around with colors, sounds and lights in the air. you display streaks of rainbows to tell me how much you are meant to be and strike lightnings to show me how intensely you care.

All I do is dream to be with you. You can’t be my crutch for balance,because I’d go for a free fall back to the grounds. And then epiphany strikes me that you are high above for a reason and hence I strive everyday to become your silver lining – up,close and personal.